The Wrecks of Churchill

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  • Duration: 150 Minutes (approx.)
  • Product code: NO-WOCH001

In 1979 Miss Piggy, a Curtiss C-46 “Commando” crashed on the rocky coastline of Hudson Bay, close to the Town of Churchill after experiencing engine troubles over the Hudson Bay. No fatalities, with her three crew members surviving with minor injuries. She still rests on the rocks overlooking Hudson Bay, forever so close to reaching the airport.

In 1960 the M.V. Ithaca ran aground on the coastline east of Churchill during a large storm, her anchor chains broken and her rudder smashed off. Incredibly she was pushed up into Bird Cove during the storm surge and has rested upright for over 60 years, stuck in a spot where at low tide the crew (and now us!) can walk between ship and shore. Join us for a hike to this historical shipwreck as the second part of The Wrecks of Churchill tour!

Join us to see both of these wrecks in one tour!

*if time allows we will also stop at the Polar Bear Holding facility on the way back in to town!

- Activity required (short hike to the shipwreck at low tide over small rocks and some shallow water in spots)

- Weather and Polar Bear activity may affect tour

- Bug spray / jackets and waterproof boots suggested